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Our unique canopy access courses bridge the gap between industrial and forestry training


Filming at height in rainforests has been our core speciality for 20 years


Clients include BBC, National Geographic, Discovery and Disney


Visit the rainforest canopy with us in partnership with OPERATION WALLACEA

Our background

CAL was set up in the nineties to provide technical rigging solutions for the Wildlife TV industry and has been providing rope access, training and consultancy on a full time basis ever since.

We regularly operate in extremely remote forest locations throughout the tropic and temperate regions. From the Amazon and Congo to the towering forests of Asia and beyond.

Twenty years of providing safety at height for working in these extremely challenging and dynamic environments has earned CAL unparalleled experience in this specialist field. We confidently offer a variety of associated services: Rope Training, Canopy Filming, Scientific Research Support and Canopy Construction to name a few.

We hold full combined world-wide insurance for working on ropes in any environment and adhere strictly to UK Health and Safety Executive criteria wherever we operate. All of our staff hold extensive UK HSE accredited qualifications for working at height and we provide full risk assessments/method statements as a matter of routine.

So whether you are planning to work in Britain or Papua New Guinea you can rest assured that you are in very safe hands indeed.

Here are some of the many organisations we are proud to have worked with over the years:

I'm going to miss filming these #cheetah cubs. Farewell to #Kenya, it's time to move on. It's been an incredible few weeks hanging out in the #Savannah with a fantastic crew, and some world class animals. An all-round life affirming experience.

What's the collective noun for cameras?! Sadly coming to the end of my time filming here in Kenya. We have multiple camera units on this project and it's been an absolute Blast working with so many talented, fun and friendly people. #Kenya #Savannah #Cheetahs #WildlifeDoc

It's a wrap! The end of a ten day climbing shoot in the Costa Rican rainforest. Giant Tree-Trolls are quite a rare sight thankfully. This particularly grubby specimen was caught on camera 140 feet above ground by canopy scientist Andy Whitworth 😂 #NationalGeographic #Documentary

Skull of a spider #monkey killed & eaten by a #raptor here in the #CostaRica #rainforest. Found by scientist & fellow #treeclimber Andy Whitworth at the base of a tree we climbed together a few days ago. Harpy? Crested? The list of Eagles powerful enough to do this is short.


This Cracker Butterfly (Hamadryas) kept me company on my canopy filming platform over the past few weeks. Just another example of the wondrous variety of wildlife to be found - and filmed - in the rainforest canopy. #CostaRica #TheGreenPlanet #DavidAttenborough #BBC #Rainforest

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