BCAP Basic Canopy Access Proficiency

Designed to get you up into the trees safely and teach climber rescue



  • To prepare the trainee for the rigours of physical work in a tropical forest and to equip them with the ability to deal with potential hazards present in the canopy.

  • To successfully interpret the body language of trees with a view to assessing their structural integrity and suitability for use in climbing activities.

  • To teach safe and efficient climbing rope installation.

  • To teach safe ascent and descent of ropes.

  • To teach safe work positioning in order to perform simple tasks at height safely and confidently.

  • To teach safe rope manoeuvres and to provide enough support for trainees to practice these techniques until competent.

  • To teach competent rigging of remote rope rescue techniques and to practice these drills within controlled group scenarios.

  • To teach aerial rope rescue and how to recognise when to apply them.

  • To teach each trainee to take personal responsibility for their own safety and the safety of others. We place a high level of emphasis on operating as a team to make informed and important safety decisions whilst working in extremely remote and challenging environments.

Five days including independent assessment on last day.

£595 + VAT per person



Thanks again to all those who joined us on our training courses in 2017!

**NEW 2019 Course Dates**

 March  25th – 29th  *Bookings now being taken – places available!*

Stourhead Gardens, Wiltshire, UK [On-site accommodation available].

September  9th – 13th  *Bookings now being taken – places available*

Stourhead Gardens, Wiltshire, UK [On-site accommodation available].



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