Tall trees are extremely dynamic structures requiring the careful application of a variety of different climbing disciplines.

Safety is our overriding concern at all times. All the climbing techniques we teach are in strict compliance with British Safety Standards

[UK HSE BS7985 and AFAG guidelines.]

Up until now there has been no existing protocol specifically dedicated to safe Canopy Access.  Elements of several different rope based activities have relevance, yet no single existing system has been able to fulfil all the requirements of getting around the high tropical canopy safely and efficiently. 

Our Canopy Access Proficiency courses fill this void comprehensively.  They represent the first safety at height training courses to standardise an integrated Canopy Access system that complies with UK and European Health and Safety protocols and are the first internationally recognised courses to provide a professional, industry-based approach to rope access for canopy research.

Systems taught on the courses represent the marriage of foundation techniques taken from two main disciplines: commercial roped access and arboriculture. Certain techniques selected from these established areas of roped based access have been extensively supplemented with new and canopy-specific systems devised by us whilst in the field. Several of these additions are totally unique and are not to be found on any other training course anywhere.

The BCAP and ACAP are fully-functional and practical courses born of real experience. Their sole purpose is to provide you with the practical knowledge to use ropes to efficiently access extremely tall tropical trees and – most importantly of all – to keep you safe whilst you do it!

Safety is our overriding concern at all times. In the words of Sir David Attenborough after we trained him and looked after him whilst filming in the canopy: “…a thousand thanks for getting me up; and even more, for getting me back down!”


ACAP Courses


BCAP  Basic Canopy Access Proficiency

Designed to get you up into the trees safely and teach basic climber rescue

***NEW 2020 BCAP COURSE DATES AVAILABLE*** – follow link below.



ACAP  Advanced Canopy Access Proficiency

Designed to build on BCAP knowledge; teach lateral movement around the canopy along with advanced rescue techniques.

***NEW 2020 ACAP COURSE DATES AVAILABLE*** – follow link below.