Canopy Access Ltd have been directly involved in numerous research projects worldwide using specific climbing skills to access some of the most biologically valuable places in the world.

Researching the canopy has many elements to consider and CAL takes great pride in making
this possible through providing the necessary skills and training to allow amateur climbers and
enthusiasts alike to gain safe access to these areas.

We have had the privilege of working with a host of excellent scientists and researchers who have
assisted in creating innovative and unique methodology to carry out research projects within the

If you are interested in carrying out a project in the canopy and would like to speak with one of our staff to discuss your research, please submit a Contact Form.

Please scroll forĀ details of projects we have been involved with.

CAL University of Hull
Dr Phillip Wheeler HoD for Environmental and Marine Sciences established the first UK Canopy Science module with an integrated practical BCAP qualification in 2009. Since then CAL has trained over 30 students as part of the course moduleĀ and hopes to continue working with Dr Wheeler and Hull University to encourage further interest in canopy science in the future.
CAL university of glasgow
The Tree Top Manu project is a cutting edge research and monitoring programme being carried out within the Manu Biosphere Reserve of SE Peru. The project focuses on ways to monitor the canopy of tropical rainforests in the heart of the Amazon rainforest.