CAL regularly films in extremely remote locations.

We have made filming at height from ropes our core speciality. Notable credits include BBC ‘Planet Earth’,  BBC ‘Human Planet’ and Disney ‘Chimpanzee’. Twenty years in the business and over 200 location shoots have provided us with the hard earned experience to confidently offer a number of support services. Please scroll through the images below for a few examples…

Camera Operation

Filming rehabilitated Orang-Utans with an HD Panasonic Varricam P2. BBC ‘Natural World’, Indonesia, 2012. Photo: courtesy of Syd Howells [Field Assistant].

Nest Cameras

Remote operated HD camera installed on a cliff-side Ruppell’s Vulture nest. Halcyon Media ‘Natural World’. Kenya 2013. Photo: used with permission from Charlie Hamilton James [Presenter/Producer].

Animal hazard assessment/control

Police riot equipment used to protect from Harpy Eagle attack [from the parents, not the fluffy chick!] during the installation of remote nest cameras,150 feet up in a Kapok tree. BBC ‘The Monkey Eating Eagle of the Orinocco’. Venezuela 2009. Photo: taken by Graham Hatherley [Cameraman]

Rope access for presenters and crew

Sir David Attenborough getting ready to ascend on a Bosuns chair hoist to deliver a piece to camera about gibbons. BBC ‘Life Of Mammals’.Thailand, 2001. Photo: courtesy of Andrew Yarme [Sound Recordist].

Camera platform and hide

An aluminium filming platform constructed 182 feet up in a Dipterocarp tree. Tim Flach Photography. Danum Valley, Borneo 2007. Photo: courtesy of Sebastian Nevols [Camera Assistant].

Rigging and operation of HD Cable Cams

A 300 foot long cable dolly rigged to track through the rainforest canopy. BBC ‘Life’, Sumatra, 2008. Photo: courtesy of Adam Scott [Assistant Producer]