This week saw the start of our 10th annual Operation Wallacea summer season. Five Canopy Access rope instructors have headed out to the Operation Wallacea field sites to deliver our 2015 rainforest climbing experiences. Alex Turner, James Hindle and Aidan Chitty have travelled out to Buton Island in Sulawesi, Indonesia; whilst Ian Geddes and Paul Bragg have headed in the opposite direction to Honduras in Central America.

They’ll all be out there for about 50 days during which time they will clock up an impressive amount of ‘rope miles’ as they show OpWall expedition members how to climb safely up into the rainforest canopy. It’s a busy season this year and Aidan has joined the Indo posse as trainee instructor to help share the load.

instructor rescue training

Alex, James, Ian and Aidan making sure they are up to speed with their aerial rescue drills at Stourhead last week.

All five guys joined James and Waldo at Stourhead for a few days this week – a good opportunity to make sure everyone was 100% comfortable with their aerial rescue rope skills and rigging. A mere formality but an important one. Suffice to say they all nailed the various emergency training scenarios thrown at them by James and they all left the UK from Heathrow on Wednesday.

Ian and Paul are now on site in Honduras, busy rigging our usual forest climbing site in Cusuco NP; whilst the Indo lads are currently stuck in Kendari on the Sulawesi mainland trying to make sense of the typically sporadic Buton island ferry schedules….Good Luck Lads!